Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year to all!

Welcome 2014!   It's nice to see you!  2013 was a BIG year in our house, and I'm looking forward the exciting adventures 2014 will bring.

We rung in the new year in a quiet fashion.  We did not welcome it at midnight, as there is no way I can stay up that late.  Finley slept in on new year's day, so we greeted 2014 at the very reasonable hour of 6:30 am (if you had told me a year ago that I would consider that "sleeping in", I probably would have cried!)

I made Finley a special lunch to celebrate the day: home-cooked lamb chops with a plum compote.  Also known as pureed lamb with pureed prunes.  Oh yum.  Forgive me for not including a photo of this meal; I think it only looks appealing to someone under the age of 9 months.

Derek & I also had a special meal, something I've never cooked before - cheese fondue.   I don't even think I've eaten cheese fondue before.  I kept asking Derek what else was supposed to go with it - a salad, some vegetables, anything?  Is it really just cheese and bread (and red wine on the side)?  Derek tells me that it is.  I felt compelled to add something to the meal so I chopped up some vegetables as well, but Derek did not join me in vegetable fonduing.  (Yes, I tried to sneak some cauliflower into my husband, but to no avail!)

Happy New Year's from our little family!!!
So, you might be wondering what's in store for the blog in 2014.  Well, my loyal readers, here's what you can expect:
  • Musings on life/work balance as I wade into the trenches of the working mother
  • I tackle my new year's resolutions on the www for all to see (and hold me accountable!)
  • More reflections on the joys & challenges of parenthood
  • Stories about and pictures of Finley, Zambo, our family and the wonderful town we call home
  • Random irregular photo dumps (not weekly, as I'm sure you've already noticed!)
  • Occasional photo challenges, when the mood strikes me and when I have time
  • The continuation of the cookbook challenge (I thought I'd get through my collection of 40+ cookbooks in 2013, but I only made it to 15!), now including gourmet homemade baby food!
  • More Throckmorton!!!!  He's been complaining that for a guy who's name is in the blog title, he seems to be in the shadow of a certain baby.  So we will endeavour to change that in 2014.
Anything else you'd like to see?  I make no guarantees, but if you give me some feedback in comments below, I will take it into consideration!

Happy new year!


  1. This is Derek's cousin Janet here! Your plan for 2014 sounds great! Keep the blogs comin'! And yes, more Throckmorton will be grand!

    1. Happy New Year Janet! Thanks for checking out the blog! I'll make sure my co-author has better representation this year!

  2. Meg, I think you are doing an outstanding job by blogging along with all your other "jobs" (you know, mother, wife, physican etc.). Best wishes for all your 2014 resolutions! I love seeing your photos and getting a taste of what you are up to!