Friday, 17 January 2014

I resolve to have fun skiing!

I will have fun, even if Mother Nature insists on snubbing ski enthusiasts of the south coast of BC.  After a crumby start to the season, Whistler-Blackcomb received a ridiculous amount of snow last weekend - 60cm in two days.  Hooray, the season is saved!  Not so fast… with an inversion set up over the hill for the next several days, temperatures at the peak could reach 11 degrees Celsius.  Bye bye piddly base.  Boo hiss!

Last year I managed a pretty good ski year for a preggo, and this year I'm hoping to make it up a few times even despite my busy schedule & a little bud too small to take up the hill yet.  Luckily my awesome hubby supports my ski habit, so I should be able to sneak up for a run here and there!

Selfie on top of Blackcomb today

There's a little too much of this around: Ice moguls of death

Just for giggles, I peered down False Face into Sudan Couloir… Definitely not ready for prime time!

Pretty light over Musical Bumps

Lots of smiles, because even with a lousy base, ice moguls and death-defying entrances to runs, skiing is so fun!

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