Saturday, 11 January 2014

The body is a temple!

The next few resolutions are aimed at restoring my physical health.  As you've heard me mention at least a few times, my pregnancy was hard on my body.  Given that I'm just a small fry at 5'4 (on a good day) and my baby was ginormous, this should not have been a surprise.  Yet I am still surprised and frustrated by the limitations I still have, 7 months later.  But I am working with a great physiotherapist and I am feeling stronger each week, so I must be making strides in the right direction!

I'll keep doing my daily physio exercises and my walk-run program (hopefully soon it will be run only!), but those aren't really resolutions, as I'm already doing them.  I'd like to make a goal to run in an 8km trail race in May (I had originally hoped to do a 21km race on that day, but that's not going to be possible!), but I will only be able to do that with my physio's blessing.

So I only have two small resolutions in the fitness & diet department:

1. One treat per day, except when on vacation (gotta be realistic!)  This will be in stark contrast to the holidays, at which time it was perfectly acceptable to eat cookies for breakfast, go out for a big lunch, have wine with a big rich dinner then round it out with a tasty dessert or two.  Mmmm… Christmas!

2. Stop eating when I'm full.  I make this resolution embarrassingly often, maybe every year!    Sometimes the food is so tasty I just want one more bite!  But I resolve (once more) to hold back.  Does anyone else have this problem, because my husband looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language when I told him this resolution.  He failed to understand how anyone could keep eating when they are full.  I mean, full is full, isn't it?  It sort of implies no more room.

At the start line of the 5 Peaks Alice Lake trail race in 2012.  Can you spot me?
I hope to be there this year for the "Loop the Lakes" race on May 24.
I know I won't make the 21 km loop this year, but hopefully the 8km?

I think there are two more resolutions posts to come… So far I'd say I am doing a fair job at my first set, but to paraphrase Sir Francis Bacon - "My iPhone makes a good slave, but a bad master."

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