Friday, 30 August 2013

Photo Challenge: Focus

I almost didn't get this photo challenge done... When I read the challenge last Friday I was really excited, because I've always wanted to to learn how to make photos with a sharp image in the foreground and a blurry background.  And with a family of photographers and a hubby with a degree in photography, I thought I could learn that technique this week with my new-ish camera.  Then I remembered that I have a 3 month old.  So I did not learn a new photography technique this week.  But I did a technique for enhancing Finley's naps.  And while he napped,  I found a few photos of my previous experiments playing around with focus by using the macro setting.  These are some pretty flowers I saw in Costa Rica and in Bonaire.

I am super excited about the photo challenge that was just put out today.  I have so many photos that fit, that it will take me a full week to pick the best ones!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Photo Challenge: Carefree

This week I am playing the Daily Post Photo Challenge for the first time.  The topic is "Carefree."

I have lots of photos of me being carefree, but funnily enough, fewer such pictures since Finley was born!  Now I seem to have a lot more cares.  So I travelled back in time for some carefree memories.

Along with my parents, we rented a house in Hood River in the summer of 2010.  I remember it as being one of my most relaxing and carefree trips.  It probably helped that I was nursing a broken collar bone, so I had no choice but to relax.  No crazy mountain biking, windsurfing etc.

The house we rented was perfect: it was near the town, surrounded by orchards.  It had a nice big backyard and fantastic views of Mt Hood and Mt Adams.  It was so peaceful and relaxing - a carefree summer break for all of us!

The first two shots are of the family dogs, who I think may have had even a better trip than the humans did.  (Follow their escapades on their blog: Wipe Your Paws: blog by dog).  Next is Derek chilling at Lost Lake.  And then a true summer moment for me: sunny patio with a nice cold one...mmm... I can almost taste it now!

Hood River is one of my favourite places to visit, and but nothing beats Maui for relaxation.  Whenever we travel to Maui I look forward to floating in the beautiful water, untroubled, without a stress in the world!

And finally a shot of Finley, who's life is about as carefree and uncomplicated as it gets!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Photo Dump: week 12

Hopefully this won't be my last post on Blogger.  If Big Brother Google is watching, he might not like what I'm about to say, and may strike down my little blog for my treasonous comments.   Sounds serious, but it's not - I've just been flirting a little with WordPress.  I'm not switching over, I'm far too lazy, and besides, I like Blogger.  But I've subscribed to the Daily Post, a blog about blogging from the folks at WordPress.  What I like about it are the "challenges" - the photo challenge or writing challenges; they give little thought-provoking statements or subjects to get the creative juices going.  In particular I'd like to try the photo challenge, as I enjoy taking photos and have no shortage to choose from.  My aunt does the photo challenge over at her blog Time to be Inspired, and I enjoy seeing what she comes up with every week.  So I'm going to try it too.  The other new feature you will see added to my blog is a regular "Photo Dump".  Every week (or so) I'll just post a smattering of the photos I took on my iPhone that week so you can see what my week was like, even if I don't have time for a full post.  I hope you enjoy the changes!

I'll aim to do the Photo Dumps on Wednesday.   Finley was born on a Wednesday, so each week I stop to marvel at how much he has changed.  Yes, the Photo Dumps will mostly be of him.  I'm a new mom, what do you expect?!