Friday, 30 August 2013

Photo Challenge: Focus

I almost didn't get this photo challenge done... When I read the challenge last Friday I was really excited, because I've always wanted to to learn how to make photos with a sharp image in the foreground and a blurry background.  And with a family of photographers and a hubby with a degree in photography, I thought I could learn that technique this week with my new-ish camera.  Then I remembered that I have a 3 month old.  So I did not learn a new photography technique this week.  But I did a technique for enhancing Finley's naps.  And while he napped,  I found a few photos of my previous experiments playing around with focus by using the macro setting.  These are some pretty flowers I saw in Costa Rica and in Bonaire.

I am super excited about the photo challenge that was just put out today.  I have so many photos that fit, that it will take me a full week to pick the best ones!

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  1. Lovely, indeed. Be sure not to count your mother as one of the members of your family that is a photographer!