Thursday, 22 August 2013

Photo Challenge: Carefree

This week I am playing the Daily Post Photo Challenge for the first time.  The topic is "Carefree."

I have lots of photos of me being carefree, but funnily enough, fewer such pictures since Finley was born!  Now I seem to have a lot more cares.  So I travelled back in time for some carefree memories.

Along with my parents, we rented a house in Hood River in the summer of 2010.  I remember it as being one of my most relaxing and carefree trips.  It probably helped that I was nursing a broken collar bone, so I had no choice but to relax.  No crazy mountain biking, windsurfing etc.

The house we rented was perfect: it was near the town, surrounded by orchards.  It had a nice big backyard and fantastic views of Mt Hood and Mt Adams.  It was so peaceful and relaxing - a carefree summer break for all of us!

The first two shots are of the family dogs, who I think may have had even a better trip than the humans did.  (Follow their escapades on their blog: Wipe Your Paws: blog by dog).  Next is Derek chilling at Lost Lake.  And then a true summer moment for me: sunny patio with a nice cold one...mmm... I can almost taste it now!

Hood River is one of my favourite places to visit, and but nothing beats Maui for relaxation.  Whenever we travel to Maui I look forward to floating in the beautiful water, untroubled, without a stress in the world!

And finally a shot of Finley, who's life is about as carefree and uncomplicated as it gets!

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