Sunday, 26 January 2014

A weekend of great achievements!

The youngest and the oldest members of our family had a banner weekend, both achieving amazing physical feats!

First, many many hearty congrats to Finley's Great Grandpa Jaring, who set two new world records this  weekend: first person in the 105-109 age category to complete the 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle in  competition.  He already has many world records to his name, but these are something special to add to his trophy shelf.  It is a huge inspiration to meet Jaring, to see his passion for life, and to see the enthusiasm he brings to everything he does.  Imagine living to 105… Now imagine setting new world records in swimming at 105.  Hard to imagine, isn't it?  He's truly amazing.

Here is a video of him completing his swim for the 50m freestyle world record:

Meanwhile, back at our house, Finley's been working on something for a while.  It started with some yoga move: the plank & downward dog.  Then he progressed to rocking back and forth on all fours.  Around Christmas he tried to propel himself forward with his legs, but unfortunately his arms did not get the memo and he crashed face first into my parents' hardwood floor.  But he kept persevering.  This week he started to crawl backwards… then sideways… and today he crawled for the first time!  Yes, little boy, the world is your oyster now.  And now it's time to baby proof this house already!

My achievements were much more modest in scope, but today I did my first "real" mountain bike ride since Finley was born.  I climbed up a new trail "Fifty Shades of Green", and downhill on one of my favs, Credit Line.  It's been a very balmy weekend out west - 12c!!! - so it was a glorious day for a ride.  

Derek did the same ride too, but as most parents of babies will relate to, we did not do it together!  

After such a great achievement Finley had a big nap & was early to bed.  I think I might follow his lead and hit the hay.

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