Saturday, 28 December 2013

Photo Challenge: Joy

Happy holidays to everyone!  This has been an incredibly joyful year for me and for our family, so for this photo challenge, I share a year in review:

January: Skiing with my friend Dagne
February: Celebrating Jaring's 104th birthday
March: brunch party with friends
April: Celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday
May: Welcome Finley!
June: 3 week old Finley meets lots of family, including Great-Grandpa Brian in this pic
July: We celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary with take-out pizza and lots of Finley smiles
August: Every morning is a good morning
September:  Lots of smiles as the fog of sleep deprivation starts to lighten up
October: OK, we are still sleep-deprived, but cuddly cat naps like this make up for lots
November: Finley's first plane ride, off to Winnipeg to meet Great-Grandpa Jaring and lots of family
December: A wonderful, joyful first Christmas for our lovely little boy

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