Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Cookbook Challenge is back!!!

Yes, it's true!  I'm on a blogging roll and I'm on a cooking roll!  I'm coming out of the new-baby fog.  At least for this week.

At our house we have been relying very heavily on freezer food: some stuff that I'd prepared in my nesting phase, but mostly delicious meals prepared by my mom.   I'm not even remotely exaggerating when I say that weeks would go by without us actually cooking a meal.  Between my mom's excellent food & Sushi Sen (I had to make up for lost toro time), we were taken care of.

But I like cooking, so I've been glad to get into the kitchen again.  Mind you, nothing fancy or elaborate is coming out of the kitchen these days.

However, as the summer days are starting to cool off into autumn, I thought I'd try something new on the BBQ.  I've always felt that my steaks and burgers could use a little improvement, so I pulled out the bible of BBQ: Weber's Way to Grill and made "inside out" burgers.   They were delicious!

Cookbook Challenge # 14: Brie stuffed burgers (minus the fancy fried shallot topping that was also part of the recipe)
Add a little Brie to your burger.... 

Ooey gooey good!

This book is a must have, unless you already rule the BBQ

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