Friday, 6 September 2013

Photo Challenge: The Sea

Oh boy, have I been excited about this week's photo challenge!  I got the opportunity to look back through some of my photo albums from fantastic vacations to Maui, Costa Rica, Bonaire, Portugal, Italy, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island and on and on.

I love the sea.  When I was little, I used to dream of being a mermaid, and would try to swim with my legs undulating together while my arms lay gracefully at my side... I'm sure you can imagine how far I got with that.  When we moved to Victoria from land-locked Lethbridge, our house was only 3 blocks from the beach.  I loved to go over to Cattle Point to look through the tide-pools at all the wonderful creatures there.

Why do I love the sea?  I love looking out at the horizon and picturing the absolute magnitude of the world's oceans.  The water stretches out as far as the eye can see, but that is only the surface!  Beneath the waves, I think about the leagues and leagues of water and all the mysteries it contains.  I've heard it said that some parts of the ocean as unexplored and unknown as parts of the moon - who knows what wonderful and amazing things are down there?  It is mind-boggling....

Sunset from Bonaire, looking towards Curacao
I love that the sea is at once so calming and tranquil..... 
Funky plant in Lagos, Portugal
Lagos, Portugal
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Playa Uva, Costa Rica

but can also be such a violent and dangerous force...

Brave windsurfers at Ho'okipa
Big storm on Dallas Rd, Victoria B.C.
Warning in Port McNeill, B.C.

I love listening to the waves, 

lounging on the beach, 

Throckmorton chillin'

playing on the water, 

Kayaking in the San Juans.  We saw Orca!!!!

in the water, 

One of my favourite places: Po'olenalena beach, Maui
Surfer (not me) in Dominical, Costa Rica
My sister Briana, surfing in Portugal

and under the water!

Diving in Maui
Snorkling in Bonaire

I love checking out all the amazing inhabitants of this crazy world, which is why I started scuba diving.   That, and I finally feel like a mermaid as I swim around underwater, weightless and graceful!

Our bud, the Honu, in Maui
On the beach in Bonaire

Yes, I love the sea!   I hope you enjoyed the pictures of some of my favourite memories!  

Dominical, Costa Rica
Dominical, Costa Rica
My love, on Love's Beach, Maui

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