Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Photo Challenge: Unusual Point of View

I am sometimes told I have an unusual point of view, but that's not referring to photography!  I have always liked to take some unusual shot though, and experiment a bit with point of view.  When I travelled through India with my dear friend Mya in 1998, I become slightly obsessed with the view though a door or window.  I probably have about 20 or more photos of the Taj Mahal as seen through the doorways and windows of surrounding buildings.  (pre-digital, I rarely took 20 shots of one subject... if I were there with digital camera, I'd probably have 1000!)  I can't show you those pictures though, as they are all print and I don't have a scanner.  We will, however, take a view little trips to answer this photo challenge.

First, sort of a continuation of last week's Photo Challenge, The Sea.  A few years ago in Maui I rented an underwater camera and tried to emulate the wonderful photos of Clark Little.   His stuff is gorgeous! Mine, not so much, but it was neat to try!

The houses of my dream in Makena, Maui

A wedding on Po'olenalena beach in Maui

Derek strolling on Po'olenalena beach
 This last shot was taken looking up out of the water as I finished a scuba dive in Bonaire:

For the next set of shots, we travel to Europe.  These were taken on trips to Portugal with my sister Briana, the Czech Republic and Poland with my friend Dagne, and to Italy on my honeymoon with Derek (and Rufus!)

In these four photos I used a unusual vantage point for the picture.

Looking down the dome of the Duomo at Florence

Old Prague from Charles Bridge (I didn't lay down on the bridge, but almost!)

Looking up at Palazzo Vecchio from the statue's vantage.  Florence, Italy

Looking UP at La Fontana del Flumi in Piazza Navona in Rome

Next, some examples of using something in the environment to frame my main subject:

Looking out at Rome and the Forum though the walls of the Colosseum

Looking out at Rome through the walls of the Colosseum

Looking at Pena Palace through the ramparts of the 8th century Moorish castle in Sintra, Portugal

And finally three shots where I focussed on something unexpected, with the "expected" subject in the background.

Looking down a canal in Venice, with the relief on the wall as the focal point

Looking out at Prague and Charles Bridge with a rooster in the way!

Looking down on the Prague Castle grounds through the spires of the cathedral


  1. Did you go to Sintra without me? I have no memory of that rainbow-coloured castle!

  2. No, I went to Sintra after you went home. You would remember that castle - it was pretty loud!