Saturday, 28 September 2013

Photo Challenge: Saturated

This week's photo challenge was a bit tough.  When I think of saturated, I think of two things: how I feel after a long day of work and how my clothes look after a mountain bike day on a day like today (rainfall warning in effect in our town with up to 50mm of rain on the way!)  Well, I try to avoid having my photo taken when I am mentally saturated, but I do have some photos of me being physically saturated.  I used to downhill mountain bike race, back when I was a braver soul.  One race I tried to do every year was the Garbonzo Downhill at Crankworx in Whistler.  It's from the top of Whistler Mountain to the bottom and generally took me in the neighbourhood of 25 minutes or so.  That doesn't sound like long, but for a downhill race it is!  It seemed that every year I did it, it was a soupy mess after days and days of torrential rain.  Here's some pictures from 2007.  I got to be in the hotseat for a little while, but ultimately I think I came in 4 or 5th that year.

Before: dry, clean, warm.

Hitting the GLC drop at speed!  My current self would not do this!

Finish line!

In the hotseat (as I was the first racer, I could only lose the hotseat by getting passed!)

After: completely saturated!

I have to include a few shots of my favourite subject, Mr Finley!  Here are some photos of him playing on an absolutely gorgeous quilt that his Great-Aunt T made.  It is bold, bright and saturated with colour!

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