Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Photo Challenge: Infinite

This week's photo challenge was to capture "Infinite" and it was a tough one!  At first I thought of the number of stars in the sky or number of grains of sand on the beach and remembered all the arguments discussions I've had with my husband over the concept of infinity.  I'm not a philosopher or a mathematician or a philosophical mathematician, so I get a little overwhelmed when I try to imagine infinity.  I know it's not a number, it's a concept (I think), but honestly, my head just spins at the thought.  Derek says I should read some Carl Sagan, but I'm sure it would go way over my head.

Recently I've been listening to a Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge.  I've never really got into his stuff before, but a friend suggested I try it as I've been finding it hard to sleep lately.  In yesterday's podcast he said: "No matter how many people you love - yourself, family, colleagues, the world - you can never run out..."  It's true, you can't deplete your stores; there are no limits or boundaries.  Love is truly infinite.

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving and I reflected back on the things I am most thankful for; my health and the health of my family, my beautiful son, our good fortune in living in a place that is safe and most of all, the love that brings us all together.

Here are a few pictures I've chosen (of many happy photos), to show the infinite and enduring power of love.

Our lovely and loving family, Thanksgiving 2007
photo credit: Mikey

Love between brothers and sisters:

photo credit: Dad

Love between parents and children:
photo credit: a nurse in the Special Care Nursery!

photo credit: Derek

 Love between a husband and wife:
Photo Credit: Aunt T

 And lots of love for the newest member of our family:

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