Sunday, 6 October 2013

Photo Challenge: Good Morning

This week's photo challenge is "Good Morning!" Good morning!  I am not a morning person, but I am getting to be one.  I don't really have a choice; babies do not come with "snooze" buttons.  Man, would that ever be fantastic.  Normally I would use coffee to help my morning transition, but after taking a coffee hiatus for a few months, the effect is now unpleasantly stimulating.  Sort of like a panic attack.  No thanks!

Waking up to a smiling little guy is certainly nothing to complain about.   In the sleep department, Finley is really starting to figure things out.  He is sleeping awesome at night (yes, I am knocking very firmly on wood right now!) and as a result he wakes up in a great mood.  This was not always the case.  When he was under 2 months, he had sleep patterns pretty typical for a newborn, and when he woke up, he wanted attention NOW.  Actually, he wanted attention 5 minutes ago.  He would get so fired up in the few moments it took us to respond to him that he would actually un-swaddle himself!  He is quite the Houdini!

What kind of a mean mom would snap a photo of this unhappy morning baby before saving him?!

He would then usually be pretty darn drowsy for the first few minutes of the day!

Rough night, little boy?

Nowadays, Finley will often wake up and quietly play in his room or practice his rolls before we even know he is awake.  When we go up to his room he turns to the door with the sounds of our voices, and treats us to the most wonderful joyful smile!  We joke that it's like Christmas morning every time we open the door to his room in the morning, and we both run up the stairs so we can be in the room for the happy greeting.

Happy dad

Happy baby!

Even happy after staying up too late at Mommy's medical school reunion.  We slept in 'til 830 this morning!
Early morning skills session: the foot grab & roll

I miss the snooze button and the coffee a little bit, but I sure love waking up to this smiling boy!  Every morning feels like a good morning with him.

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