Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hello... is anyone out there?!

I've been a very negligent blogger lately.  I am shocked to see that my last blog post is over two months old.  Up until that point, 2014 was shaping up to be a decent blog year for Throckmorton & I.  Not incredibly prolific, but a steady output never the less.  Then boom!  We disappear.

Well, not to worry, as we are back!

It's Monday evening, but it feels like Sunday, as we have just enjoyed a long weekend.  Today is "Family Day" in B.C.  It is wonderful to have a long weekend in February, and I think it might be the most relaxing long weekend of the year.  As opposed to the glorious warm summer long weekends, where the impulse is to get out of town, travel, camp, bike, cram the maximal enjoyment into 3 little days off, a long weekend in February says "Hey, it's cold out there.  Slow down.  Sleep in.  Have another cup of tea."  Which is mostly what we did.

I won't lie, I would've like to have spent my long weekend on my skis.  But it has been a dreadful season at Whistler.  It's been one Pineapple express after another.

We had one snowy weekend in town, but it didn't last long.

I started Family Weekend at work, helping to welcome a new baby girl to the world.  It was a lovely start to the weekend especially as it was a long-time patient of  mine and I also got to help deliver her first daughter 2 years ago.  Many congrats to them!!

The rest of the weekend was spent with our little family.  We had a yummy brunch on Saturday - pancakes & egg muffins (new recipe!)  I snuck out for a quick soggy ride while Finley napped.  In the evening Derek & I went out for a lovely date while our nanny looked after Finley.

Sunday we met up with some of Finley's friends at Little Sneakers.  Imagine a gymnasium filled with balls, climbing structures, ride-on toys & little cars, bikes etc.  Now add 25 or so children.  Mayhem.  Finley loves it!

Today I had the bright idea to take Finley down to the Aquarium.  It was raining.  It was a holiday.  I'm not sure what part of me thought that I alone came up with the idea of taking my kid to the Aquarium.  It was completely nuts!  I think there were more kids than fish today.

Finley hasn't been to the Aquarium before & I thought he'd be pretty excited to see fish, belugas, dolphins, frogs, otters.   But no, it turns out that the doors & stairs at the Aquarium are far more exciting than the exhibits!  We met up with his buddies Sam & Robbie and for a while they were entertained with a marine-themed sing-a-long.  He was starting to lose his patience when they announced that we were going to sing Baby Beluga.  Finley knows that song & we often sing along to our book before bed.  Unfortunately, when the band-leader produced her copy of the book, Finley was quite upset to see it.  He didn't understand how this Aquarium employee got her hands on HIS book.  Much crying and grabbing at the employee ensured.  We took our leave.

We stopped to say Bye to the belugas on the way out.  Thank to Briana & Ted for the annual membership.  We have many Aquarium visits in our future!

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  1. Great post, Meg. Sorry Mr. Baby thought he was being ripped off on his book and what a great gift from Briana and Ted!