Friday, 15 November 2013

Photo Challenge: Habit

Ok, so I am a week behind on the photo challenge, but I'll still do it anyway.  Because it's an easy and a fun one.  Habit.  Even though habits can be good or bad, it seems to me that the word does seem to have a bit of a negative slant to it.  We tend to talk more about habits we need to break, instead habits we are proud of.  We all have both!  I know I have some bad habits, and I try to remedy them, but I don't think they are too burdensome.  I'm sure my husband and other family members would like to weigh in on some of my bad habits, but this is my blog, not theirs!

The habit I will share with you is all good in my opinion, and that is our sushi habit.  For a few years now, Derek and I have consistently had a weekly sushi date at our favourite restaurant, Sushi Sen.  Prior to Finley's arrival you could find us there at the same time every week, usually sitting in our favourite spot at the sushi bar.

Now that Finley is here, we don't find it quite as easy to get out to the restaurant, but we order it in once every week.  In fact, Derek has just stepped out to get our dinner for tonight.

Derek has taken the sushi eating to a new level of habitual behaviour.  He orders the same thing to a T every time we go to Sushi Sen.  All the waitresses know his order & they even have put a button on their computer system for Derek's special order!

Here are some of the glorious creations we've had on our visits to Sushi Sen.

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