Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Photo Challenge: Eerie

This week's photo challenge, eerie, made me wish I had taken some photos a few weeks ago when we had dense fog roll into town every evening.  It definitely made an eerie appearance in the forest at dusk.

I also could have taken some picture of the eerie and sometimes grotesque Halloween decorations that were displayed in my neighbourhood.  My neighbours go all-out; a group of them open up their garages and turn them into haunted houses.  Our decorations were a little sad this year, but Finley did get to dress up this year (check it out in tomorrow's photo dump!)

But alas, these eerie opportunities came before the photo challenge was issued, so I couldn't use them.   I was not surprised to find that I don't have many photos with eerie subject matter!

But they wouldn't call in a challenge if it weren't challenging… So, I did come up with something!

Ever since Finley was born, we get mixed opinions on who he looks like: some say me, some say Derek, some say both and some say neither!  I can't tell myself - he just looks like Finley to me.  However, Derek's father emailed us a photo that changed my mind.  When I looked at this photo of Bruce holding Derek, I thought I could have been looking at Derek holding Finley!  The resemblance between fathers and sons is eerie!

In the photos below we can see the generations gathered together -

Here's what Finley will look like in his 40s & in his 70s.  Great genes, wouldn't you say?

And here is what Finley will look like when he's 104.  Looking amazing if you ask me!

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