Friday, 28 June 2013

The travelling Finley roadshow

Finley's took his first trip last week!   We are currently on location at Grandma Janet & Grandpa Phil's in Victoria.

Prior to coming over here we spent some time visiting with Grandpa Bruce & Auntie Kari in Squamish.  They came out from Ontario to meet Finley.  They arrived on Father's Day and we had a really lovely sushi dinner with Bruce, Kari, Erica and Shawn.   What an amazing first Father's Day for Derek to have three generations together!


It was a great visit & Finley enjoyed lots of nice walks with Bruce and Kari. (More photos will be added in a few days - they are on my laptop in Squamish.)

Being the popular little guy that he is, Finley's social agenda has been very full.  After saying goodbye to Bruce & Kari, we boarded the ferry to Victoria, where we were heading to meet more family.   The trip over was smooth sailing: we even made our goal of catching the 11 o'clock sailing (a feat I can not always claim, even before I had a baby to blame my tardiness on!) As you can see, Finley does not travel light; his gear took up the back of our car!

The family had gathered en mass to meet Finley in Victoria.   We stayed at Mom & Dad (now Grandma & Grandpa) and were greeted on arrival by Finley's great grandparents, Betty and Brian and Unvle Jeremy.  Within days the party was joined by Auntie Briana, who flew in from Toronto, and Auntie Bronwyn, who drove from Portland. 

 It was great to have everyone together.  Finley got lots of cuddles, admiring looks and did lots of nice walks.   Grandma Janet even hosted a party for Finley to meet the neighbours and friends.   Everyone enjoyed Janet's delicious food (except Finley, who enjoyed breast milk!)  Finley seemed to enjoy the attention and got lots of very lovely and generous gifts!  Thanks for the party g-ma & thanks for coming out everyone!   It was fun to show off our little guy!

The weather has been really beautiful in Victoria, so we've been walking tons - to the village, the marina, willows beach, uplands park.... Sometimes as many as three or four walks per day!  Finley almost always falls asleep on our walks, so I'm not sure if he finds them relaxing or boring!   I sure enjoy getting out & about!

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