Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The joys & surprises of new parenthood

Finley is two weeks old today!  These two weeks have defied the laws of physics:  it has felt like both an eternity and like the blink of an eye.   An eternity because it's been a crazy roller coaster of a two weeks, and I've been up for more sleepless nights than even my toughest residency rotation.  It's gone by on a flash because I can already see that our little guy is growing and changing day by day.   Sometimes I want to press the pause button and make a moment linger just a little longer.

New parenthood is definitely the most humbling of experiences.   No matter how much you read, or how much people tell you or warn you, I'm pretty sure nothing could get a person ready for these first couple weeks with a newborn. You may think that you are pretty organized, accomplished and capable person, but within days of bringing your baby home you'll find yourself wandering around your house in your underwear, exhausted, unkempt, stomach empty, crying your eyes out because the breast-feeding is so much harder than you anticipated.  

But it's also been the most amazing two weeks. We are loving every moment we get to know Finley better.  He's such an awesome little guy with so many expressions, so much personality and ridiculously cuddly.  It's sounds cliche, but true: he's completely stolen our hearts.

I've got alot to blog about;  I want to share a little bit about the labour and delivery, grandma and grandpa's visit, and of course share umpteen million photos of Finley.  But blogging and new parenting aren't that compatible for me, so I'll keep this one brief.  For now I will let the pictures do the talking, and will post more once we are all a bit more rested (in 12 months or so!)


  1. What a doll! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! and sleep when you can. (That's addressed to Meg - not Finley, as he already does exactly what he wants to do all the time anyway!) I like your almost matching grey stripes!