Monday, 4 February 2013

Skiing the blues

This past weekend we had a few days of sunny warm weather & I took the opportunity to head up skiing for my last day of the season.

We enjoyed some great powder days in Dec, but increasing belly-size lead me to the groomers!
 Its sad to say good-bye to the season in early February, but my body started to rebel against my efforts.  Baby, on the other hand, is loving it!  I get all sorts of kicks while I ski & I'm pretty sure he/she is having an awesome time in there.

Belly shot on my first ski day, around 16 wks

Belly shot on my last ski day, 25 wks

We had great company for our ski day: Chris, Louise and Gail.  All are new moms & they are still rippin' up the slopes, so I know I'll still get some great runs in next season too!

Moms & mom-to-be dropping into the glacier
Saturday Derek & I enjoyed brunch at home & the weather was gorgeous again. Derek ventured out for a bike ride & I decide to go for a hike through Coho Park to the Covenant.   The Covenant is a new-ish mountain bike trail.  I've biked it once or twice & didn't find I could get much flow on it, but its a very favourite running trail for me.  Alas, running is also off limits for me these days, as my pelvic symphysis ligament was threatening to abandon me if kept it up.  So I tried hiking it instead.

The Covenant.  Gorgeous trail for biking, running & walking in Squamish.  Features 2 waterfalls!

The walk/hike was fantastic, but possibly a bit too long for me.  One of the challenges I've been having in this pregnancy is actually admitting that I may have some limitations.  Its easy to get use to our bodies behaving the way we want them too, and its hard to accept that I can't keep running, skiing, hiking and all the other things I love to do.  But I am trying my hardest to embrace the joys of swimming, spinning and slow-walking!

It looks like I may have some company in the pool soon; Derek's ride resulted in a broken big toe, so he's a little laid up at the moment.  I would include a photo here, but I am afraid my filter for medical things is not well-calibrated.  Its hard for me to tell if something is gross or not, because very little is to me!

The last adventure of the weekend was buying some maternity clothes.  I've resisted until now, convinced that I could fit into my regular skirts and dresses.  Throw in a "belly band" and I figured my pants could see me through as well.  It turns out I underestimated my belly in a big way & the need for elastic waist-bands was getting critical.  I put on my first pair of those crazy pants with the huge bib in front & breathed a sigh of relief!!  Actually, it may have just been a normal breath, my first in several weeks.  Why did I wait so long?!?

Belly-shot of the week: 25 weeks & 3 days.
Rocking my first official maternity outfit!


  1. Whoa...great blog and unbelievable the growth between 16 weeks and 25 weeks! Is that one of the tops from Target?

    1. No, I got this little number in North Van. I have been enjoying my Liz Large shirts too!

    2. They are actually Liz Lange tops for Meg Large! Ouch!

  2. 1now added to my list of favourite blogs

  3. Congrats on starting your blog! Looking forward to following along on your adventure.