Friday, 15 February 2013

Cookbook challenge

When I was visiting Briana in Toronto last weekend, we stopped in at super cute kitchen store in Kensington Market.   They had a beautiful collection of cookbooks, organized into region and style.  I was drooling over them; I love cookbooks and I love cooking.  But I have many cookbooks already -possibly too many, but that is a matter of opinion.  I do admit there are a few absolutely gorgeous cookbooks on my shelf that, for one reason or another, have not seen much use.  Even among those that I use all the time, I tend to stick to the same true and tried recipes.  For that reason, I love it when friends or family have the same book as I do, as it seems we always gravitate towards different recipes & can then share notes!

I was sharing this conundrum of cookbook underuse with Briana, when she told me about a friend with the same problem, and her nifty solution.  She made a resolution that before the end of the year, she would make a new recipe out of every one of her cookbooks.  Brilliant idea!  Not only will it get me dusting off some of my underused books, but it will help introduce me to new recipes in my go-to books.

I have 46 cookbooks.  So I had better get started ASAP as that means 1 new recipe per week for 2013.

If you see one of your favourite cookbooks on my shelf, please share some of your best recipes with me so I can try them!

My delicious cookbook collection

New recipes or old, one thing that seems to grow and grow and grow is my girth!  I am now officially at the stage where strangers will pass comment on my belly and give it a little rub.  My favourite comment so far has to be: "Is that real?"  Yes it is real, and yes, someone really asked me that.

Belly shot of the week: first day of the third trimester - 27 weeks!


  1. I see you have 2 copies of Lighthearted Everyday Cooking. Does that make it twice as good or what? And did you count it once or twice to get to you total of 46? I figure I have enough cookbooks to last at least a year and a half, if I cooked a new recipe every day! I'll see if I can make any suggestions from your shelf.

    1. I am not sure why I have two, but I only counted it once. My university roommate was the Anne Lindsay's niece, so she may have slipped me an extra copy. She was always trying to get me to switch allegiance from Bonnie Stern (Heart-Smart) to Anne Lindsay (Lighthearted)!