Sunday, 28 September 2014

Visitors from afar!

We got some visitors in September!  Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Sharon came out from Toronto to visit Finley for a week.  We had great weather for exploring.

We had lots of great adventures while they were here: We went to the train museum, up the gondola for lunch, to the swimming pool at their hotel, and out of lunch and for walks.

The West Coast Railway museum was having a "Mini Day": free admission to the museum & free rides on the mini-train.  Sweet!  Finley loves trains!  We ran into Finley's friends Bradley & Lucas there.

We've redecorated the house and now have two kitchens, just like the Duchess of Cambrige (a.k.a Two Kitchen Kate)  Finley likes to prepare meals for his stuffies.

Could I offer you a spot of tea, Mrs Hans?
We had another visitor in September - Derek's good friend Jonas from the Yukon.  We met him in North Vancouver for coffee.  We arrived a little early so we stopped at this park which also had a water park- it was awesome!  We need one of these in Squamish!

I can't believe it will be October in a few days.  We've got a pretty amazing Halloween costume for Finley already - but you will have to wait to see it!

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