Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer Stay-cation

We've been having an amazing summer so far!  I can't even remember the last day it rained, which is saying a lot for this part of the world.  It's been glorious sunny day after glorious summer day.  We've been making the most of it, enjoying time at the beach, the lake, the park, the yard, the patio, the wading pool... basically anyplace outside.

I had 3 weeks off of work in July & decided to spend it locally - a "stay-cation".  We did 10 days on the Island and 10 days at home in Squamish.

Eating on the Ferry
Playground on the Ferry... 

Our time on the Island was ultra-relaxing.  I got to run as much as I wanted (which might not sound like fun to everyone, but I liked it!)  We went out for lunch at yummy locales such as The Penny Farthing (babies now allowed in BC pubs = Finley's first pub visit!), Pizzeria Prima Strata & the Village.

I got this one!

Finley taking care of his peeps at the Village

We had amazing weather in Victoria.  Mom & Dad's house is 2 blocks from Fireman's Park & 3 blocks from the Willows Beach & Willows Beach Park.  

(photo shamelessly "borrowed" from Mom's Blog Wipe Your Paws)

And for those days when even 2 or 3 blocks seemed to far to travel, we had quite the set-up in the backyard!

One day at Willows Beach there was a big even called "PaddleFest" put on by Mountain Equipment Co-op.  There were kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, canoes etc all along the beach, which you could take out for free.  There were races, demonstrations and all sorts of info.  I'd be thinking of getting a paddle board for sometime, & this event convinced me to take the plunge.

Me at Willows Beach (also from Wipe Your Paws!)

Mom & Dad are always awesome babysitters for Finley, so we took the opportunity to go a date, to visit with our friends Scott, Rich and Sharon, and to do a scuba dive at Ogden point. (those are separate events, not one crazy date!)

Going out for our 2nd wedding anniversary (photo courtesy of Wipe  Your Paws)

Ten days on the Island went by super quickly, and soon we were on our way back to the mainland.

We still had 10 days of vacation left!  We went to Vancouver to celebrate our friend Sam's 3rd birthday.  Lots of Finley's friends were there, including Sam, Robbie, Esha, and Uma.  And we discovered an amazing toy that Finley was coveting BIG TIME!  (Uncle Jeremy, if you read this blog - take notice of this awesome toy!)

Finley's walker... not the easiest, but he was making it happen


He didn't go in, but enjoyed splashing at the edge

"Can I get you something, Mom?"

Finley trying to hide from me after I changed him into PJs for the drive home!

We celebrated another important birthday in July:

I'm now back at work, but still have some lovely summer days off to go on adventures.  For Finley, every day is summer vacation!  We love going to Alice Lake for picnics, swims and paddle boards.  Finley has been on the paddle-board a few times, but only in the shallows!

For the days that we can't make it to the lake, we have a super sweet back-yard set up for the summer:

Finley's new kitchen

Our ping pong table finally sees some action (purchased in 2008)

Pretty intense game

I'll just fix a little snack for you guys!

Outdoor dining in the backyard

Our Pool (not Finley's, ours, as I get in it more often than he does)

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