Friday, 23 May 2014

Little people need good eats too! (And big people need quick & easy eats!)

Cooking for Finley has been a riot!  It's so fun to try new things & see how he takes to them.  I am truly amazed and sometimes a little disgusted by what he will eat.  I am thinking of contacting Chobani's to introduce a new line of yoghurt inspired by Finley: kale, butternut squash, egg yolk, tofu to name a few.  I'm sure they could be a hit!

Increasingly I am able to feed him what we have, sometimes with the odd modification.  If he's got his parents' palate he is probably ready for the spice, but I haven't been brave enough to chance it!

Eating one of my favourites: Quinoa, chickpea & roasted yam salad

But Finley needs his variety, it can't be Mommy's special yoghurt all the time.  So I decided it was time to put our baby book to the cookbook challenge.

Cookbook Challenge #21: Cheesy Broccoli Casserole from The Baby & Toddler Cookbook

An old friend of mine gave this to me now that her little man is almost 4.  It has a a few "duh" recipes, such as teaching me how to puree random fruit & vegetables.  But it also has a few actual recipes.  I decided to make a special meal for Finley.

He likes cheese, broccoli & rice, so this seemed like a good recipe.  It also called for mushrooms, which he hadn't had before, but I wasn't too worried as for the most part, he will eat ANYTHING.

Looks pretty tasty fresh out the oven.  

I wasn't home when he tried it for the first time, but I left it for our nanny to feed Finley at lunch.  She leaves us nice little notes about how Finley's day was.  I was so excited to see what he thought of this special dish.

Spat out!!!  What a little monkey!  It must've been the mushrooms.

I tried it myself and I thought it was pretty tasty.  So I fed it to him again the next day, and second time around it was much more to his liking.  He disappeared the entire ramekin!

Cookbook Challenge #22: Steamed Fresh Vegetables & Tofu with Soba Noodles and Miso-Almond Sauce, from Still Life with Menu Cookbook

The recipe is a mouthful (har-har, what a punster!), but the preparation is super easy.  This cookbook is by Mollie Katzen of Moosewood fame.  It is a vegetarian book with a great variety of recipes from around the world.  I like books like this that put recipes together into menus.  That way if I ever get a chance to entertain, I have a good sense of dishes that will go nicely together.

If you are really good with your timing, your veggies are steaming while the noodles are cooking and you are mixing up the miso-almond sauce.  So simple, so quick.  If you are not good with your timing, like me, some of your veggies are overdone while others are underdone... but no biggie!

Throw your veggies on the noodles, toss with your sauce & some chopped nuts & you have a healthy, hardy dinner.  And bonus - it's Finley friendly too!

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