Monday, 24 March 2014

Good bye to a beloved furry friend

We are sad to post a good-bye to our beloved family dog Corrigan, aka Cor-boy or Rockers.  Rockers came to our family through my sister Bronwyn and her husband Mike, who adopted him as a pup along with his sister Kia.  Kia & Corrigan have been living at my parents' house for many years now, and have been cherished members of our family.

Corrigan was the sweetest and most gentle dog you could imagine.  He was gentle enough to let Finley ride on his back, and he was sweet enough to let Zambo believe that she was the boss of him.  He always greeted you with an enthusiastic wag of the tail & lots of slobbery doggie kisses.

I'll never forget the time Corrigan came to Squamish to visit and we all went to Brohm Lake for a swim.  When Dad jumped in the water, Corrigan went bananas and jumped in to "rescue" him.  He wouldn't settle down until Dad was safely on the shore.  He was so loving and loyal, a truly wonderful pup.

We will miss you lots Cor-boy!  XO

Corrigan & Kia relaxing with Bronwyn

They came all the way to Squamish to welcome Finley!

Out for a walk with the guys

Doggy kisses for Derek 

Relaxing after a hard day

Trying to make friends with Zambo

On Zambo patrol while visiting Squamish

In doggy paradise in Hood River

Happy dogs walking in the Gorge

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