Sunday, 2 February 2014

Getting my chef on!

A great start to the weekend!

With the help of my trusty book "Super Baby Food" I've been making homemade baby food for Finley.  I make the food in big batches then I freeze it so that we can have stuff ready when we have a hungry customer.  Which these days, is all the time!  I guess one builds up a great appetite learning to crawl, exploring the world and generally being an awesome little dude.

We were starting to run a bit low on stores, so I did a major baby food cook-a-thon this weekend.  We made some pureed yam and butternut squash.  Organic chicken thighs were on special so I bought a whole bunch and prepped them just the way Finley likes them (you guessed it - pureed!)  I also make home made whole grain cereal with rice, barley and millet, so we whipped up some new flour on Saturday morning. 

There are lots of obvious advantages to making your own baby food.  Easier on the environment, easier on the pocketbook, and with no added chemical junk, it's easier on the conscience.  But here is an advantage I did not anticipate - easier on the eyes!  Just look at the amazing colours of the purple yam & bright orange butternut squash.  I've never seen a jar of baby food look this good!

 Cookbook Challenge #19: Pot Roast from Silver Palate

After my last post I decide I would try the pot roast after all.  The books says it is the "Perfect Sunday supper."  My mom said it was easy.  Well, it's supposed to be a cookbook challenge, not a cookbook cake-walk… So I upped the ante by making the pot roast in this situation:

The stove is very conveniently at arm's reach
Cooking tools share the counter harmoniously with home-renovation tools
It's a good look
Yes, there are two microwaves, two baskets of unfolded laundry and countless other undone tasks in our living room.
Does Zambo look at all worried about it?

Once the pot roast was in the oven and Derek was being a handy-man, Finley and I headed out for some bird-watching.  There are definitely fewer eagles, and we didn't spot any new bird friends today.  It was still a great walk, if not a little chilly!

We came home to find the new microwave installed and a delicious pot-roast dinner.  All in all, we had a great weekend and got our tummies looked after.

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