Thursday, 2 May 2013

Reflections on Pregnancy: A few things I will miss

I am now 38 weeks along - only 2 weeks 'til my due date!  It's unbelievable how quickly things seem to have gone by.  Around this time, I've heard lots of women complain that they are "tired of being pregnant", and "just can't wait to have the baby!"  For me, the last month has been the hardest - I definitely feel more tired & have more back pain.  I waddle a lot & have a hard time sleeping.  But I am not "tired of being pregnant", not yet anyway!  If such a thought ever crosses my mind, I push it away & instead think about how fortunate I am to have had this experience & think about the joy and wonder of pregnancy.  Honestly, I know it sounds cliche, but I am blown away when I feel the kicks & rolls inside me and think "there's a little person in there!"  It's mind-boggling.  And I know from friends and patients that getting pregnant is not always easy, and being pregnant can be hugely challenging as well... so I feel so lucky to have this experience.

There are a few things I will miss when I'm not pregnant anymore.

1. I feel like I'm in a secret club.  In the beginning, you are trying so hard to keep your pregnancy from everyone, but it's such an exciting secret.  Every time I sipped on club soda while everyone around me drank wine, I felt like I was in cahoots with my peanut-sized baby.  Some people now tell me that they knew anyway, but whatever - it felt like a huge secret to me!!

Even once the secret was out & it was obvious that I was pregnant, I still had this little one giving me kicks & punches that only I could feel.  Sort of an aggressive type of secret handshake.  It's hilarious to be sitting in a serious meeting when you are being punched from the inside.

2. The movements.  Occasionally they hurt & make me feel like peeing my pants.  But it is an amazing feeling that still takes me by surprise.

3. Everyone is so friendly.  I've never had so many strangers talk to me or hold the door for me, or stop at the crosswalk for me.

4.  No justification needed for long baths & long naps.

5.  The anticipation!  At this moment we don't know if we have a boy or a girl... we don't know what he/she will look like or how big he/she will be... we don't know when he/she will finally make an appearance.   It's crazy to think that this momentous thing could happen this weekend or might not happen for another 3 weeks.

These are just a few thoughts rumbling around in my head as D-day approaches.  I am aware that I am speaking in cliches - I hope you will all forgive me for it & not think of this song when you think of me:
(warning: language & images might be offensive to some!)

I'm not sure how many more belly shots of the week we'll get, but here are a few from Week 37:

I'm thinking this shirt doesn't fit so well anymore!

Belly shot at 37 weeks

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