Saturday, 6 April 2013

Reflections on Pregnancy: Things I miss.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my pregnancy.  I was lucky enough to have an easy first trimester; though I was tired, I had little nausea and was able to keep pretty active.  The second trimester is often called the "honeymoon" of pregnancy, and I can see why - energy improves, appetite improves, you start to show a cute little bump & everyone tells you that you're "glowing."  So far my third trimester has probably been the most challenging as my baby bump goes from "look at your cute little bump" to "wow, are you ever getting big!"  Nevertheless, I would consider this to have been an easy pregnancy so far (still 6-8 weeks to go, so you never know!)

There are a few small things that I miss.  I miss being able to tie up my shoes.  I miss sleeping through the night without multiple bathroom trips (I know I will have to get used to the not sleeping through the night part!!)  I miss walking without waddling.  I miss my wedding ring, which no longer fits on my swollen finger.

Here are a few other things I really miss:

My favourite sushi!

We LOVE sushi & are lucky enough to have an unbelievable sushi restaurant in town.  Prior to pregnancy, you could find us at Sushi Sen at least once a week, sometimes twice.

Since pregnancy, we still go frequently, and I've been pretty good at exploring the menu for safe eating options.  But my absolute favourite is tuna: red eye, yellow tail, toro, hamachi.... I love them all.  They are the king of sushi for me.

I can barely wait to have this tuna avocado tower, or my favourite roll, the Kamakazi with spicy tuna inside & seared yellow tail on top.   I sometimes dream of ordering 2 or 3 "Tuna Tuckers", chef Yuji's creation of tuna sashimi with avocado and garlic chips on a bed of Imperial rice.  I can almost feel a piece of toro sashimi melting on my tongue....

Hot tubs!

I'm not a big hot tub person, though I do love the Scandinave Spa in Whistler (seen here at my bachelorette party last year.)

But when I go to the pool for a swim, a big selling feature used to be that I could treat myself to a hot tub afterwards.  Soaking my legs in the hot tub is is not quite the same!


I did run until about 24-25 weeks, but I was pushing it as my pubic symphysis just became more and more sore.  Arguably, I should've given up the running long before that point.   I've always loved running, but my passion for it was re-ignited last year when I started doing more trail running & training for some local races.  I worked up my endurance for really nice long runs & loved the feeling of just getting there on the trails where the only things I could hear were my breathing, my foot steps & the sounds of the forest around me.

Get Rad Ski Day

Of course I miss skiing, that goes without saying!  I had some really great days on the hill this year & managed to ski until I was about 25 weeks pregnant, so I can't really complain...

What I will really miss is our annual tradition of 80s ski day (AKA Get Rad Ski Day).  

Every April since 2006 my friends & I put on our very best ski outfits from the 70s, 80s & 90s and throw down some rad spread eagles & back scratchers all over Whistler-Blackcomb.  Its so totally gnarly, dude!  I am way bummed to be missing it this year!!

mmmm.... Beer!

I miss beer less than I thought I would.  But on the few occasions that I did ski this year, I missed the tastiness of a refreshing apres beer.  I also thought about a nice Guinness once or twice on St Paddy's Day!  I am thinking ahead longingly of an Oregon microbrew on a warm patio in Hood River this summer...

Mountain Biking

About a month ago I was walking on the 4 Lakes Trail when I passed two young women out for a cross-country ride.  I felt a slight twinge of jealousy.  I thought about a great article once read in a bike magazine in which the author describes being out for a ride with girlfriends when she passes a group of moms pushing strollers around, and feels really sorry for those moms.  Fast forward a few years & the author is now a mom herself, and still an avid biker.  She then talks about the sweet freedom of carving out a small portion of her day for a ride with girlfriends, but  also of the joy of coming home to her little one afterwards.  I know I will still be able to ride this summer - not for as long & probably a lot tamer, but a nice mountain bike ride always puts a smile on my face!

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